Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sea Shepherd Events!

Two big Sea Shepherd events!

On Monday night here in NYC we had an awesome event: S'more Protection for the Oceans. We obviously had s'mores (Tuesday, was national s'mores day. How Robyn finds these weird events out is beyond me!), lots of s'mores. I saw the faithful volunteers putting them together in the basement kitchen. They had a nice assembly line going. I helped out upstairs. There was a giant raffle table. Sea Shepherd NYC had more prizes then we could even fit on the tables in V-Spot where the event was held. I helped with the merchandise sales. It was great to speak with everyone at the event and discuss how they got to Sea Shepherd. It's very interesting to see people's passion for the defenseless animals of our precious oceans. Sea Shepherd sold about 100 tickets for that space, which is very full indeed! It was fantastic to see support for our oceans (and on a Monday night!). So far, the amount raised that has been counted is over $3200! And we still have to count credit card and check sales! This is really fantastic. Thanks to Ethan and Robyn for organizing! I really had a lot of fun (DanT had to drag me out of there!) and I hear we will be doing another fundraiser soon, so keep checking the calendar on this blog! A big thanks to Danny and the V-Spot crew for donating their space to us for a few hours. It was a great success!


Paul Watson and Pete Bethune will be on The Tonight Show, tonight! This is big! For starters, Paul Watson is a great speaker, so tune in for that! But it is great that Sea Shepherd will get to speak out after all this time. If you are watching Whale Wars you know that a few weeks ago they showed the Japanese whalers sinking the Ady Gil. That happened this past winter, since then Pete Bethune has gone to trial in Japan and been convicted and released to go home to New Zealand. So, this is a good way for the US audience to catch up. I hope you all tune in tonight at 11:35! Paul and Pete are the second guests. I will not be up (I simply cannot stay up that late without becoming a major grouch), but I will be DVR'ing and watching it early Friday morning. I hope you will watch it, too! This is big exposure for Sea Shepherd outside of the Whale Wars viewer.

Okay bloggies, this will be my last post for a while. I am going on vacation next week!! I will be going here, so if you have any recommendations (food, things to do, etc.) leave them in the comments!!


  1. Have so much fun in Costa Rice girl!!!

  2. Hi Molly! I am going to try to make Vegan Drinks tomorrow. Hopefully I'll see you there!! I LOVE your calander of events, very helpful!!

  3. Molly, I can't seem to get your email from your post. Here's my personal email - Shoot me an email and we'll plan something!