Sunday, September 5, 2010

Please donate!

Hi friends! I will be walking in this year's Walk for Farm Animals. This is Farm Sanctuary's biggest fundraiser of the year and NYC has the biggest walk in the country! Help me not make a fool out of myself by helping me meet my goal. I was an intern last year with Farm Sanctuary (here in NYC doing activist organizing and events) so I like to represent as a former intern and big Farm Sanctuary supporter.

Thanks for your support readers! I hope you all join a walk in your area! Find out if there is a walk in your area here. If there isn't, consider starting your own! What a great way to build community in your area. If you are in the NYC area, I hope to see you at the walk on October 24th!

Oh and I will be asking again... Sorry for being annoying, but I really want to reach my goal! Thanks for your help!!


  1. Molly, I definitely want to go to this!! I've never done a fundraising page before, how do you start? Do I have to join a specific team?

  2. Molly, before I even got a chance to donate, Gus, Jumper, Rini, and Vicki beat me to it! Those pesky cats!