Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving roundup

Thanksgiving this year went down at DanT's parents' house. At my not-in-laws, you could say. A small gathering of people enjoyed an almost entirely vegan dinner. The sad, sad turkey was the only non-vegan part of the dinner. I can promise you that 1: the dinner would have been much better without the sad dead turkey and that 2: we did not participate in the turkey consumption. (obviously...)

On to the food! In no particular order we made:

Yams, or sweet potatoes? Whatever, they were simple and delicious.
These were simply roasted. For an hour or so. Just poke some holes in them first so they don't explode!

Vegan mushroom gravy from Veganomicon
This gravy was good, but I know nothing about gravy. Seriously. I think this may have been my first gravy ever. It was good. Not my favorite thing ever, but good.

Vegan stuffing. Just doctored-up Arrowhead Mills bag stuffing. Still yummy. 
Maple roasted brussels sprouts with toasted pecans.
Brussels recipe from the NY Times:

It was amazing. Seriously, this is how I will be cooking Brussels sprouts from now on. Try it with whatever nuts you've got. It was particularly good with the pecans, though. I bet walnuts would be delicious, too, if hazelnuts are out of your price range.

Hazelnut En Croute. There are no words.
Dear people at  Field Roast Grain Meat Company, let me profess my love. Your sausages are delicious. Your celebration roast, which we had for last year's Thanksgiving, is delectable. But this thing above, seitan covered in puff pastry filled with hazelnuts and cranberries, simply divine. If I could afford to, I would eat your products every day. Find their product catalog here:

DanT's grandfather made these napkin holders. He's very good with tools.

A whole plate! My whole plate!
The only thing on this plate that you didn't see in the previous pictures is the mashed potatoes. DanT used his secret (i.e. not written down) recipe for garlic mashed potatoes. We even roasted the garlic! Which is an amazing thing. You should do it, too! Garlic is super good after a roasting. I could eat it with a spoon.

DanT's clean plate.
DanT went back for seconds after this picture, but couldn't finish it! He was too full. Good stuff!

DanT's dog, McGyver! He is hoping for a handout.

Dessert! Vegan pumpkin pie!
DanT's favorite dessert, pumpkin pie. Best recipe ever right here: No tofu involved!

McGuyver says, thanks for having a delicious vegan thanksgiving with us!
I hope your Thanksgivings were as delightfully stress-free as ours! Hopefully next year will be turkey-free as well!


  1. Makes me so hungry for some T-day leftovers... :)

  2. It all looks so delicious. I'm craving pumpkin pie now - LOL. Our Thanksgiving was definitely restful.

  3. Everything looks SOOO DARN YUMMY Molly!! & I love me some brussel sprouts!! I didn't get a chance to order the field roast but I will after seeing this review!! McGyver is great dog name :)

  4. Everything looks delicious!! Bill and I tried a recipe from veganomicon, cashew ricotta in stuffed shells, but unfortunately it wasn't so great. your dinner looks way better! :)