Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The one where I apologize


This is me saying sorry for disappearing! The end of October was very hectic to say the least. I am looking forward to a slightly calmer November.

Happy day after World Vegan Day! And happy beginning of Vegan MoFo (Vegan Month of Food)! I will try to read as many of your blogs as possible.

Lets go back in time, shall we?

VegFest! Two Saturdays ago (the 23rd of October) we had the second annual NYC VegFest! Many groups were represented! We had a prime location in Union Square. All the farmers market visitors walked right on by. Perhaps we piqued some interest?

I was volunteering with the Sea Shepherd table. If you haven't yet, (and you live in NYC or the NYC area) you must send an email to nyc@seashepherd.org to get on our mailing list!
The Sea Shepherd table!
Mercy For Animals
OlsenHaus shoes sample sale
Love it!
Later in the day, Terry Hope Romero lead an awesome "how much vegan stuff do you know?" trivia game.
Terry, being awesome!
My team was named the Vegan Halloweiners. We were the dream team! And, we won! We won a scoop each at Lula's! YAY!
Happy Campers with Terry!
Then on the next day, Sunday, it was Farm Sanctuary's New York City Walk for Farm Animals!
vegan NBA star John Salley, the walk leader, with Gene Baur
I volunteered in the morning, but I walked with everyone in the afternoon!
DanT, Steve of Kiss Me, I'm Vegan, our friends Emory and Joe
So many people walked! And so much money was raised! All the money goes to Farm Sanctuary to help save farm animals.
John Salley was wearing a Bold Native shirt! On the right is my friend Lauren Krohn, the professional photographer!
Hope to see you all at next year's walk! And thanks for sticking by me throughout my busy October! I will attempt to be back with a vengeance!


  1. You work hard for the animals Molly!!

  2. How fun to have your fest outside, rather than in a convention hall. The weather looked amazing. Congrats on your win! The Halloweiners, I love it!

  3. 1. Is the title of this post a Friends reference, or a coincidence?
    2. I really must know: what kinds of questions were asked at the trivia game?
    3. I loooooooooove you, busy sister of mine!

  4. Always a Friends reference! Duh. Terry asked questions like: 1) who invented the vegan society and the word vegan (answer: Donald Watson) 2) How was the word vegan created (The beginning and end of the word vegetarian). There, that was 2 of the 16 questions. I love you, too, sister!!

  5. Looks like such a great time of advocating, learning, and sharing. Wow!