Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sea Shepherd Beach Cleanup

Hi everyone! So I'm a poo-head for not posting about this more quickly, but life gets in the way! On Saturday, July 17th at noon a whole bunch of Sea Shepherd NYC volunteers made their way out to the far reaches of Queens to clean a beach. This was not just any beach cleanup for me. I helped organize this cleanup and I hosted! My 'rents have a tiny little bungalow out in Rockaway Beach. From spending time out there on weekends I observed the beach that the day-trippers go out to and how dirty it would get after a long day at the beach. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society had just started a chapter in New York City and my friend Ethan is the chapter head. He organized a beach cleanup last month at Coney Island and I brought up the idea to have one out in Rockaway. Ethan was going to be out at an animal rights conference, so he asked me to take charge with the help of Tod Emko, a Sea Shepherd crew member.

It was hot, but we persevered!
Cleaning in action!
My parents' court. Look how quaint!
I think it was a rockin' success! It was super hot, but I fed everyone homemade pasta salad and beverages after so no one passed out. It was a really fun event and I hope to host another at some point.

Gross beach garbage. Come on people, clean up after yourselves!

If you would like more information about the New York City Sea Shepherd chapter email nyc@seashepherd.org.

Our lovely chapter is hosting a super cool fundraiser for Sea Shepherd in two weeks! On August 9th we will be having a fundraiser called S'more Protection for the Oceans. It will be held at V-Spot in Park Slope. There will be free food and drinks for sale. There will be raffles that rock and good company. I'll be volunteering! Hope to see everyone there!

And I leave you with this awesome interview that two Sea Shepherd crew members did with google at their offices here in NYC. It is long, but really informative and interesting! Check it out here. Without our oceans we have nothing. This is important work that Sea Shepherd does. Please consider becoming a member and making a donation.

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