Monday, July 19, 2010

Vegans are funny!

So... I stink. I said I'd update yesterday with a post about the Sea Shepherd beach cleanup that I helped organize but here's the thing: I was in charge of stuff! I didn't have time to take pictures. And the lovely Tod, who did take the pictures, has a life so he hasn't had time to send some my way yet. He will, and I will recap the beach cleanup when he does.

For now you are stuck with this:

Breaking news! Vegans are funny! Or at least, Myq Kaplan is. Myq wrote a comedy CD called "Vegan Mind Meld". Funny and vegan. Myq never shys away from his veganism, which I think is awesome. Myq spells his first name with a q. Most importantly, Myq is currently competing on Last Comic Standing. He needs our help! He made it through last week (when he was super funny. He was the only comic that actually made me laugh out loud) and the voting from tonight's episode goes until midnight tonight. But even if you didn't get a chance to watch him live, watch his clips on the NBC site and watch him next week! 9-10 PM eastern on NBC. How can you go wrong?!? Funny is good! Vegans on national TV talking about veganism are good! Okay, I'll be back next time to talk about Sea Shepherd. Hopefully.


  1. Love it! Vegans really ARE funny! :)

  2. You can now say you have three followers! :)