Friday, July 16, 2010

Watch this!

Hello people out there in bloggy land reading this! (all two of you...)

This is important. Please watch this video and support the amazing work In Defense of Animals does. Up here in NYC, ida is not a prominent group. It is actually through a blog that I really started to learn about the organization. (I'll let you figure out what blog. It is in my blog-reel but you'll have to do some digging). What amazing work they do! I wish they had an NYC office so I could be a part of the critical work that they do.

Watch the monkeys!

Their website is:

Not that I should have to say this but animal testing is deplorable. People will tell you that we need to test drugs on animals otherwise how will we know if it is safe to use them on people? This shows how differently I think then most of the world, but I think killing innocent creatures so we can live longer lives is terrible. For starters, a drug is rarely something your body needs. 99% of all human bodies know how to thrive without artificial help if we would only feed our bodies real food (i.e. VEGAN food. the good stuff. not junk), our bodies are smart and know how to heal. Secondly, many of the chemicals that are tested on animal are for cosmetics. And not for new cosmetics either. Many are tested over and over again. for NO REASON.

Now as you may or may not know, I have an adopted bunny. He is not the type of rabbit that is used for cosmetics testing (though he is the type that is given to little children for Easter and then neglected until someone realizes that they actually don't want to take care of a rabbit) but I feel the plight for all bunnies who are subjected to cosmetics testing. And cosmetics testing isn't even required by law! See more about animal testing on PeTA's Stop Animal Tests site.

But back to the monkeys. Poor monkeys are tested on for medical products. Ugg. Most of the results aren't even applicable to humans as we are different species. You know, I am a "science person" but why cant scientists realize that having a heart does not have to conflict with our goals to learn more and save lives. There are some alternatives to animal testing on GEARI's website, but if we were really such great scientists we should be able to come up with many more. That is my animal testing rant. I hope you learned something.

You will hear from me next in two days on Sunday when I will have a post about the Sea Shepherd beach cleanup that I am helping lead! Check out the calendar on the right (the thing that doesn't fit right on your screen) for the details if you live in the area. Hope to see all two of you who read this blog there!

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  1. Wonderfully written, Moll. Thoughtful and honest - and I totally agree with every single word. Have a great beach clean up!