Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thanksliving at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

But first! What does one do when he or she is headed to the Catskills? Apple picking of course!
I want that one at the top! Damn my short legs!
Did you know that apples can grow out the side of trees? I sure as heck didn't, but as you can see below, it is possible!!

Joyous apples!
Off to Woodstock for some animal visiting and raising money for Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Thanksliving is WFAS's biggest fundraiser of the year. This year, a donor generously purchased the property next door for the farm, but the building and barn are 150 years old and need work before they will be safe enough for use. That's what we were raising money for at this year's Thanksliving. The barn will be turned into hay storage and quarantine for animals when they first get to the farm. The old house is going to get turned into a B&B! So exciting! Consider donating to WFAS and helping them reach their goals this year!

Inside the tent!

Raffle prizes!
After the food (which I ate so fast I forgot to get any pictures of any of it), lovingly created by David Silver of Second Helpings, and dessert, Vegan Treats yummmmmm, it was time to visit the animals!
The cows enjoying the beautiful scenery.
Bunny! Pippin, don't be jealous. You will always be my favorite.
Look how freakin' cute he is, though. I mean seriously.
After many bunny visits, we came back into the tent for buying merchandise, raffle prize announcements and the live auction. Below you will see a very nice bowl I got for very cheap made by Daisy Dog Studio. Oh yeah, and something was funny. My partner in laughter is none other than Liz of Your Time Travels, a vegan owned voluntourism company! She is super awesome, so if you want to go on your very own trip where you volunteer for part of the trip and stay in lavish accommodations for the rest of the trip, Liz is your girl. Give her a ring. She rocks.
I think DanT said something funny...
Jenny Brown, cofounder of WFAS, speaking about the farm.
After Jenny spoke about what all the funds raised from this event were going to help pay for, she MC'ed the live auction. My friend and driver (to Thanksliving, that is), Jennifer won a really awesome flight around the Catskills with a local well known astronomer. Go Jenn!
Thanks WFAS! We had so much fun!
This guy loved to pose for cameras! If you have never been, get your butt to a farm animal sanctuary. I promise it will be a very positive and in-your-face reminder of why you are vegan (or if you aren't vegan, why you need to be!). Thanks for the amazing day, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary!


  1. I wish I could have been there - thank you for this post Moll!! :)

  2. Molly, thanks for the sweet words!!! I find it hilarious that neither of us could remember what we were laughing so hard at when we saw the pic 10 minutes later! I was practically falling off my chair! I think we were doped up on vegan dessert...

    Here's my post from the event, it should get sent out later today, http://www.yourtimetravels.com/blog/animals/thanksliving-at-woodstock-farm-animal-sanctuary/.

    Talk soon! :)

  3. Thanks for the awesome blog Molly! I'm so glad you enjoyed ThanksLiving and thank you for the plug to donate towards the renovation of the barn. We really appreciate your support.

    Jenny Brown
    Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary