Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A vegan food tour

of, well, no specific area of New York City. Perhaps this could be called a "best of" tour. DanT, my friend Alissa and I had an all day vegan eating fest (followed by watching a Yankees loss on tv... BOOOOOOOO!). Here's a photo essay of our day!

First up: FOODSWINGS! Vegan diner food. That's right. All vegan, all the time!
The beautiful facade of Foodswings!
Now I am going to show you all of the food we ordered. Do not freak out. It is a lot of food for three people. DanT and I took some of it home (I'm not going to lie, we didn't take much home...) and I had it for lunch the next day. There is a reason we ordered this absurd amount of food. A month or so ago, Groupon in NYC had a groupon for Foodswings! $7 for $15 worth of food! So, we had to get our moneys worth. We each spent $15-20 ($0-5 after the groupon), and at Foodswings that ends up being a lot of food. For proof, see below:

Mozzerella stix, a corn dog and creamy mac and cheese

Corn dog! Nostalgic for me, which is weird as I never had corn dogs as a child... Extra points if you saw my Sea Shepherd water bottle in the background of this pic.
Chicken Caesar salad
Grilled Cheese
Chicken cutlet sandwich
A Kickin' Veggie Slider. SO good!
Look how kickin' and tiny!!
Missing from all that gluttony is the large butterfinger shake DanT and I shared. Holy yummmmm. Chocolate ice cream and chik-o-sticks. If you have never had a chik-o-stick, you should find one. It tastes just like the peanutbutter-y, crispy part of a butterfinger. It is delish. I have only ever found them at Economy Candy here in NYC. I would check at old time-y candy stores. Worth the trip!
Post insane indulgence. Full. Leftovers include most of the salad, two mozz stix, a little mac and cheese and a little of the grilled cheese. Lunch!
DanT! Giving me bunny ears. Tiny bunny ears. And I'm wearing my Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary shirt!
 Post Foodswings, we needed a walk. We had a goal in mind. I'm not telling you where we went until I show you all what we saw along the way!
Pigeon central! Like one big crazy family.
Kitty manning the boat... The boat sitting in a parking lot... Weird.
Really cool, narrow as heck, apartment building! The blue section is made out of solar panels!
Our destination was...?

Champs. I have blogged about Champs before, so I will not bore you all with words. Here, have some pictures instead!
See the pumpkin pie in the corner? DanT wanted to take a whole one home.
On top of that display case is row after row of delicious cinnamon buns.
Alissa's berry scone. I tasted it. It was goooooood.
Top row: Black and white cookies! The real deal! I had one. My first black and white since loooong before I went vegan.
Alissa got that scone you saw above. DanT and I got a black and white cookie and a sweet potato marshmallow cinnamon bun. You will be happy to know that we did not eat our Champs baked goods until much later in the day as we had a plan for dessert already. Lula's Sweet Apothecary, of course!! Though the Champs goods were delicious, in case you were wondering. I would recommend any of the kinds of cinnamon rolls. They are huge!
Alissa and DanT being good little Lula's models!
It should be said that Lula's is Alissa's favorite ice cream. Alissa is not vegan. Lula's is not her favorite vegan ice cream, but her favorite ice cream. Ever. Seriously, just ask her.
Cake batter - Pumpkin spice soft serve twist!!
We all got soft serve... Alissa and I got the twist, DanT got straight up pumpkin spice. We were all extremely full and happy. All-in-all the best eating day I have had in a very long time. And my waist line says thanks! Hope to do it again soon!


  1. I, non-vegan Alissa, will confirm Molly's statement that Lula's is my favorite ice cream. You HAVE to get the cake batter **drool**!

  2. that all looks amazing and you look so happy to be eating it! :) i'm drooling over the pumpkin soft-serve and mozzarella sticks. i gotta get to foodswings AND lulu's one of these days!